Tuesday, February 23, 2010

..the fifth season..

Saturday, we went to the Darklight Tattoo 3 year anniversary party.  Fun times.  While we were taking a breather, Mike and I wandered the halls of the Fifth Season Inn taking pictures. A much enjoyable night.


*cardigan& blouse- old navy
*belt- vintage
*purse & scarf- vintage thrifted
*jeans- rue2 thrifted
*shoes- soda

Monday, February 22, 2010


I am really loving pale yellow lately.  I don't a lot of yellow in my wardrobe though, so I have working on building it up.  I have, however, had this cardigan for a long time and I love wearing it.  I found a nice yellow silk blouse at the Goodwill the other day, so I can't wait for warmer weather.  My dress was bought from a local vintage shop about 5 years ago for a Halloween costume.  It has been my go to Little Black Dress since then.  I love the fit of 50s clothing, makes me fill very feminine. 

*cardigan- old navy
*dress- vintage
*tights- jcpenny
*scarf & belt- thrifted
*shoes- villager
*earrings- vintage gift

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

..chinese-thai to go..

 Mmmmm, yesterday for dinner we went to eat at Chinese-Thai To go on Midland.  We have been there a few times and they have amazing chicken wings which we usually get for a appetizer, but I decided to mix things up and get a spicy squid salad.  It was so good! I want some right now.  And the red and the curry entrées were good too, classic and good. 
 I got to sport my new scarf and sweater too.  I love this scarf, the colors are really vibrant and pretty.  I found the sweater in the men's section, it is really soft and comfy.  Reminds me why I never overlook any clothing section. 
I had intended to wear a skirt, but changed my mind at the last minute because I was so cold.

*sweater & scarf- vintage thrifted
*pants- old navy
*tights- delias
*shoes- villager

Sunday, February 14, 2010

..my valentine..

My husband is my Valentine of course.  Enough said!
*jacket- thrifted
*dress- forever21
*tights- jcpenny
*shoes- villager

Saturday, February 13, 2010

..another brick in the wall..

We went into town and went thrifting the other day.  I got a few really cool things!  So, while we were out I asked Mike to get a few pics for the day.  He directed us to this 'tobacco free' wall mural over on the north side.  Not a bad spot.  We picked probably the worst time to go there though.   A nearby Jr High had just let out, so there was way more traffic than the norm.  One chick stopped in the middle of the road to complement me and watch the 'show.'  However, she was in the way of the wide shot that Mike was trying to get.  Too bad the camera ended up on the wrong setting.  I really had to tweek these to make them look okay.  Eh, there is always next time.  
The t-shirt I wore was given to me by my Dad when he went to see Pink Floyd in the mid '90s.  It reminds me of a time when oversized shirts were a staple for me.  Speaking of the '90s, my hat was a purchase made at Gadzooks back in the day, probably in about '96.  Ahh, the good old days :)
I have to brag on my scarflette.  I learned to knit a few years ago so I could make 'em.  So, I have quite a selection, but this little gold one is by far my favorite, with it's little wooden buttons.  It goes with everything. 

*hat- gadzooks
*tshirt- gift from Dad
*cardigan- ??
*leggings- walmart
*shoes- target
*scarf- hand knit

Friday, February 12, 2010

..casual friday..

Today was the second Friday of the month, and that means we can wear jeans at work.  We actually do so to to raise money for United Way.  So, donate to a good cause and wear jeans, not a bad deal.  Yesterday I had the day off and was able to hit up a thrift store!  It had been a while.  I found a few cool things.  Among them was a hunter green, wool suit.  I will probably never wear it all together, but as separates, I love it.  Today I wore the blazer, and I added some bright earrings for fun. Twas a casual, cozy day.

*earrings- juicyglassjewels etsy shop
*scarf & blazer- thrifted
*sweater- walmart
*jeans- old navy
*shoes- target

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

..when we pretend..

Today I discovered Need Supply Co., a lovely clothing website that I would love ton spend some money in if I had any to spend :)  Some of their items are actually very affordable, even for me.  And, just about everything is adorable.  I love that some of their models have tattoos, too.  It makes them feel like real people.  So, for the sake of spreading the word (though I am usually the last to know) and for the fun of window shopping, I picked a few wishlist items that I would love to wear together.  So, here ya go, in my imaginary land this is what I am wearing today :)



For some reason this year I have really been feeling the sweetest holiday.  Not that I want or intend to let myself or my husband buy into the V-Day exploitation, but I do still find the spirit of it to be lovely.  I have another post that I am saving for the end of the week, but in the meantime I am still in the mood to celebrate.  And, why not, I love my husband everyday.  The photo quality is not too great on these.  I don't know what is up with camera.  These two were the only salvageable ones.
*shirt & belt- vintage
*skirt- ae
*tights- delias
*shoes-gianni bini

Thursday, February 4, 2010

..will make it happen..

I was going to post about how I couldn't find the creativity or motivation to do anything productive due to the house being in a state of chaos, but I think that is a total downer so nevermind.  Anyway after I typed it up yesterday and said I wouldn't get anything done I actually did get stuff done.  I guess sometimes all I need is to remind myself to make it happen, bit by bit.  
We had a beautiful snowy Saturday that I was able to get some good pictures of, and Monday I took some pictures of my daily wears.  I really love the pieces in this outfit.  My sweater was passed down to me from Mom, and I think it was my grandma's before her.  Yesterday I found a picture of my Mom wearing it.  Makes me wish I had a scanner.  The skirt was my grandma's on my Dad's side.  It was one of my first vintage acquisitions.  I found this tapestry purse out thrift shopping for my Mary Poppins Halloween costume.  It is really lovely and worked perfectly for Mary.  And, the shoes are my wedding shoes.

*shirt & skirt- family heirlooms
*purse- thrifted vintage
*tights- jcpenny
*shoes- worthington
*earrings- $ jewelry store