Friday, November 12, 2010

..favorite fall skirt..

A while back I did a collection on Polyvore for a contest entry, and I felt like I had surely already shared it on the old blog here, but I think I may have gotten sidetracked before I did, oops.  I was just looking at some of my saved Etsy favorites and I was reminded of that collection where I fell for the colorful plaid pleated skirt.  The particular one featured sold quickly, but I found a few others that are contenders for my heart as well.
Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy
Happy Friday!


  1. i really like these skirts! they're great!

  2. The plaid pleated skirts are so cute. They look like lots of fun. A little bit of vintage and a little Glee's Rachel Berry, I'm obsessed with her style, rolled in one.

  3. I actually havent watched Glee yet, but I am thinking more and more that I need to start!