Tuesday, December 28, 2010

..Happy Holidays..

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year.  I sure did.  I am lucky to be surrounded by really loving and awesome friends and family, so it doesn't come as a surprise.  This year Mike and I even put up a tree.  Actually, we dug up a tree so it can be planted back later, and I made and borrowed most of the decorations.  I made some super cute paper mache & wine cork mushrooms and a star for the top...

borrowed my Mom's nesting bird..
bought a short string of pine cone shaped lights, and ta da!
 Ain't it cute, obviously this pic was from before Santa came : )
And I thought I would share the Christmas gift that I painted for Mike's grandmother.  It is of his grandparents when they were just teenagers.  I was really happy with the result, and she seemed to really like it!  I hope to do more painting this year, though I always say that after I finish a project, but this time I really mean it
  And here is an outfit post for you're enjoyment that I have been too busy to post for a while.
I can't wait for the new year, don't forget to start thinking up your new year resolutions now!

*sweater&skirt ~ jcpenny
*shirt&shoes ~ target
*tights ~ walmart

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

..loving layers..

I know, don't we all. One of the things I miss right away in the summer months is the ability to comfortably add several pieces to give an article of clothing new life. I love this little boy plaid shirt that I thrifted.  I need to add more of these classic plaid shirts to my wardrobe.  I find myself gravitating towards the 'boy's club' look.  I have always had a bit of tomboy engraved into me :)
purse, jacket, scarf & shirt- thrifted vitage
cardigan- delia*s
jeans- old navy
shoes- target
necklace- from Mom

Oh yeah, here is my Holiday Movie pick for today..."The Shop Around the Corner" with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, who's style in this movie is too cute.  If you aren't familiar, this is the movie that "You've got Mail" was based from!  And, if you can't put you're finger on it, the shop owner is, of course, the Wizard of Oz.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

..stripes & florals..

I am a huge fan of mixing floral and stripes, so cute.  I made this collection a while back.  Thought I'd share.  Add a pair of tights to the mix and I could wear these items all year round.
Click on the picture if you want to see where you can get these items.  Unfortunately it is mostly out of my price range, c'est la vie.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

..short hair & catching up..

I can't believe I have gotten so far behind.  Umm, actually I can.  We have some hectic weeks behind us, and probably more ahead.  And, Oh, on top of everything, my laptop has failed :(  Needless to say, it has put a hitch in keeping up with my cyber life.  I admit it, I am an internet junkie.  However, last night was the first time in a while that my hubby and I had a computer-free night where we could snuggle and watch a movie without making room for my typing arm or getting a crick in my neck. Tonight I am going old school, and retreating to the old PC.  Not quite as efficient, but I have got to get some stuff going on here.
A couple of weeks ago I felt I needed a change of style, so I grabbed the scissors and started chopping and here is my outcome.  I am always a bit out of my league when cutting my own hair, but I think I did alright, I have gotten lots of compliments anyway, so not too bad, huh?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

..etsy sale!.

Hey all! I am clearing out some inventory, so everything in my shop is 20% off for a whole month!  Stop by and see if there is anything that that you like or that might make a good Christmas gift.

Friday, November 12, 2010

..favorite fall skirt..

A while back I did a collection on Polyvore for a contest entry, and I felt like I had surely already shared it on the old blog here, but I think I may have gotten sidetracked before I did, oops.  I was just looking at some of my saved Etsy favorites and I was reminded of that collection where I fell for the colorful plaid pleated skirt.  The particular one featured sold quickly, but I found a few others that are contenders for my heart as well.
Here are a few of my favorites from Etsy
Happy Friday!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am in love with this golden mustard color.  I made a scarflette last year in the same color and I have worn the heck out of it.  And, I finally get to flaunt my new cardigan that I got from Delia*s! Yay!
I don't know about you but I freakin' love zombie entertainment.  If you are like me in that way and you haven't yet tuned in to the new Walking Dead series on AMC, then get your butt in gear, because so far it is really fantastic, just to let you know.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

..busy, busy..

Wow, Lately I have been a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way.  I just recently changed from part-time to full-time at work, which has led to less free time and much earlier bedtimes.  And, lately I have been getting the sewing itch.  I made my husband a halloween costume, did a few little diy accessory projects, and have been finishing and rehatching old sewing projects. Here is a super cute little makeup bag I made out of fabric scraps, for a friend.
...and, also my apologies for being such a slacker on outfit posts lately, and though I don't have much for ya today, here is a little bit to hold you over.
I am gearing up for fall weather and finally getting to pull on some cozy jackets and scarves!
 Ahh, and here are the beginnings of the pencil bag that preceded the makeup bag.  I followed the directions here from the lovely Design*Sponge blog.  I love little quick, easy projects like this, I am all about instant gratification!  It is really easy to adapt to whatever size you want.  My tip for this project is, don't sew the lining too close to the  back edge of the zipper, this will help keep the lining from getting caught in the zipper. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..historical hike..

I ended up having Monday off!  So, we took a short drive south to a town called Heavener whose claim to fame is Runestone State Park, a park showcasing a 12 foot tall viking runestone that is speculated to be dated at AD 600-900.  Mike and I made the short hike down to the stone then back up the long way so we could get some much needed exercise and enjoy the weather.  
We were a bit worried that we might get caught out in the rain when a nice breeze came up and the thunder started rolling in, but by the time we came back up the hill the sun was just beginning to set and we had an amazing view of rain pouring on Poteau Mountain just North of us.  Pink rain was a first for me, it was so cool!  Unfortunately, the camera batteries died before we even got started, so we used Mike's cell phone camera the whole time.  Sorry for the low quality.  But what a great view.  I definitely recommend going up there if you want a perfect spot to watch the sun set or take a short hike or have a picnic. There is even a little playground.

Monday, October 4, 2010

..home on the range..

First of all, I just want to apologize for the infrequency of posts lately.  I have had to reprioritize my time a bit, and unfortunately outfit posts are not topping the list.  Actually it seems like I have been seeing a trend among some of my fellow bloggers having the same issue.  I guess life catches up with everyone every now and then.  
Today the weather was really great.  We get so few of those perfect days in this region so my husband and I took advantage and went for a walk on the family land.  It is kind of hard to believe, but I have lived here for 4 and 1/2 years and this is the first time that I have gone the full length of the property.  It is also a bit hard to believe that I have owened these boots for about 4 months and this is the first time I have worn them.  Hope you enjoy these photos because I really enjoyed taking them.
 This is me at the very farthest part of the land.  Our house is at the top of the hill that is in the background.
We barely made it back before sundown but still had time to stop and say hello to Jupiter on the eastern horizon. All the items I have on are thrifted vintage except for the jeans, they are from Target.  Take care till next time.