Friday, September 24, 2010

..fall fashion foraging..

Oh my, the past week has been filled with lots of car shopping, not my favorite thing, but it must be done.  Unfortunately, it has been eating up my blogging time and my enjoyable browsing time too, bummer.  So I thought I would squeeze in a bit of the fall fashion that I had started rustling through last week.
Here are a couple more collections that caught my eye..
Angelo Marani
I like the subtle hues and layering in this collection.  It really makes me look forward to cooler weather.  I love the crochet pieces too, so romantic.

Obviously, I am a sucker for vintage style.  I love these classic cuts.  And, the print that is carried through is really nice, like a perfect blend of a floral and an animal print.

Sunday, September 19, 2010 weekend..

Today Mike's cousin Sara got married! And we are so happy about it.  She and her new husband Gene are totally great together.  The wedding was really pretty and perfectly casual, and I have to say they picked the best wedding time (Monday is our anniversary: )  We didn't take a ton of pictures because there were so many others who were, but here are a few pics of my attire for the wedding, Mike being the music man, and of the lovely couple.

Saturday, September 18, 2010 is done..

Finally, the weekend.  I am in need of some serious de-stressing, though I don't think that is really going to happen very soon.  However, a three day, wedding anniversary weekend may help, hopefully, a bit.  I took some after work pictures the other day and since I don't have anything else to tell today that is not complain-y, other than watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall again cus it is so funny, here is a work outfit to wrap the week up with.
*hat, sunglasses, skirt- vintage
*shirt- elle
*shoes- villager
*belt- handmade
*bracelet- vintage(from Mom)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

..fall fashion foraging..

Normally, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about what is coming down the runways for the season.  Other than the occasional feature in a magazine I read or a television show, pretty much the only exposure I get is the trickle-down through the lovely blogs I follow.  I even feel weird about categorizing my blog as fashion because I feel like it is more about personal style.  I rarely make any real reference to the world of fashion, and I definitely can't afford to make high fashion a part of my wardrobe.  However, for some reason this season I got a notion to get acquainted with what was going on on the Fall 2010 Ready to Wear runways.  So here are the humble beginnings of a segment where I bring to you some of the current fashion that appeals to me.
So far I have found 2 that I really like, so here are a few of their looks..

Alexa Chung for Madewell
I really like the casual feel of this collection.  It has all the right pieces for a super cute wardrobe.  I am absolutely smitten for this collection!

Basso & Brooke
This is a more dramatic collection, but it is totally ravishing.  I love the texture printed fabrics.  And some of the looks make me thing of some of my favorite Gustav Klimt paintings.