Wednesday, January 12, 2011

..aww man..

Doe!!! Homer Simpson said it best.  So, I went to check on my Polyvore account to see if there are any sets that might be good to share, and I saw a message from 29 days ago from Anthropologie that I was a finalist in a contest that I had entered to win, do you even want to know, a $500 gift card from them.  I totally missed the opportunity by not responding to the message they sent.  I guess I will just tell myself that I probably wouldn't have won anyway, so please don't tell me how awesome this set is :)  I am in love with the olive green coat featured!


  1. Aww... don't you hate when that happens? Those are super cute. Oh well, it'll come back to ya. ;)


  2. Oooooooh, I also love the coat. And that dress, yummmm!

    That sucks about the contest...! But ah well, onwards and upwards. :)

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