Saturday, June 12, 2010

..all around the mulberry bush..

This summer my husband, Mike, has been on a mission to find anything edible out in the wild.  The land we live on is quite expansive.  We found a good amount of blackberries growing around the bottom of the hill, we have located several hickory nut and pecan trees, and by a stroke of luck Mike found a Mulberry tree just yards from our house!  Ahh, this is so awesome we have had fresh blackberry/mulberry cobbler two nights in a row.  Mike went down the hill with the lawn mower too, so we can get down to the blackberries with ease.  The lovely flowers are what he picked for me while he was mowing.  What a sweetie.


  1. i love your styles,aja...

  2. LOVE your mix of neutrals in such a green setting. Simple and chic.