Sunday, June 27, 2010

..sweet summer..

This weekend has been absolutely lovely so far.  Last night I finally made a carrot cake that I have been thinking about for about a week.  I got the recipe when I was browsing the Dujour Magazine blog.  I pretty much followed the recipe but I added some fresh ginger to the cake and some lemon juice to the icing.  It turned out fantastic!  It is really moist and yummy.  
 Today, Mike and I did a little work around the house, then we sat around most of the afternoon.  It was the perfect day to be lazy, hot and humid with thunderstorms on the horizon.  It is kind of nice not to do anything sometimes.  Mike made us a huge meatloaf for dinner last night, so we had leftovers for lunch and dinner.  We make a mean meatloaf so I don't really get tired of eating it repeatedly.  I will have to share our unique recipe in the blog sometime.  
I started to get restless after a while so we decided to go thrifting.  I found some pretty good stuff at both shops that we went to.  I got a couple of table cloths, one for a kitchen curtain, and one for a picnic blanket.  I am pretty excited about both, though I am not yet sure how well the one will work as curtains.  I also found a handful of other goodies; a bunch of scarves, a summer sweater and dress, a couple of belts, and a local theater tee. 
I got to add a few new things to my wardrobe recently.  My shirt is yet another from my Granny's old closet that I so frequently raid.  And, these shoes were my Grandma Sharon's.  She was a stylish and beautiful woman.  I am lucky that I have had such lovely women in my life.  
I finally cleaned off the front porch, so that is where Buddy and I took my pictures today.  By the time I got around to taking photos those threatening storm clouds I mentioned had already made their way to the house (yay for rain!).  We got intermitten rain and sunshine and ended up having a big rainbow.  Sorry no picture of it.  I didn't want to get the cmera out in the rain.


  1. Looks so yummy! Love your clean oufit!

  2. The cake looks scrumptious! And I love your outfit. So elegant. :)
    Leia's Delights
    p.s. following you now!