Tuesday, March 1, 2011

..you've got red on you..

I will go ahead and explain that I pretty much only ever wear red lipstick.  And, I only wear it when I have on something else that is red or at least something else really bright.  I am weird, I know, but I feel really odd if I know that my mouth is so noticable.  Besides, I am always making goofy faces.
Today, I embrace the red.  This sweater is so bright that only a large amount of silly face making will overpower it...
 BTW, this is my favorite winter hat this year.
And, yes that is a cute puppy on my sweater :)


  1. That sweater is cute but I am really dying over that hat. I've finally decided to give in and embrace my inner hat-person this winter and I have to say, your hat is just perfect.