Tuesday, August 31, 2010

..a girl can dream..

Okay, okay, I can absolutely not complain at all.  I had my dream wedding on September 20, 2008, which my Mom and I planned and did so very thriftily, I might add.  However, I still love the idea of weddings, and how beautiful they can be.  So, when I came across a Nordstrom challenge on Polyvore a while back, I could not resist.  The challenge was to make a bridesmaid feel beautiful too.  In my opinion, the collection I put together would be equally if not more suited for the bride, but I really liked this dress the most out of all of the options.  I found myself being inspired by the color pallet in a set of bangles in this set.  I can just picture a lovely wedding in some exotic eastern location, on a lantern-lit patio at dusk, surrounded by lush plantlife.   

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