Saturday, August 28, 2010 candy..

I have been putting off doing any additions to the shop lately.  I get really aggravated trying to take photos lately.  The combo of working with the self timer, trying to adjust the settings, and trying to balance the the camera at a decent angle (I don't have a good tripod) gets a bit tedious.  I did finally reshoot the purple suede skirt that was one of the first items I listed on etsy.  And, continuing to think about tattoos, I did a little doodling on my arm to see how I would feel about having one that I would actually see.  It kept on growing after this shoot, and I seem to actually like catching a glimpse of it from time to time.  I really like the placement, though possibly a bit more to the inside of my arm would be ideal.  And I finally got to shoot one of the shirts that I have been living in this summer.  I love this red stripped vintage shirt.  It is so comfy and cool in this hot weather.
*shirt- thrifted vintage
*skirt- thrifted vintage (buy it here)
*shoes- target
*earrings- thrifted


  1. Such a beautiful skirt. The colour is striking!
    Check out my blog, I'm just starting out!

  2. Thanks, I love how purple can be so intense! And happy blogging!

  3. I really like the preportions on this look. I great flowy blouse with a nice skirt, and what a great color.