Saturday, February 13, 2010

..another brick in the wall..

We went into town and went thrifting the other day.  I got a few really cool things!  So, while we were out I asked Mike to get a few pics for the day.  He directed us to this 'tobacco free' wall mural over on the north side.  Not a bad spot.  We picked probably the worst time to go there though.   A nearby Jr High had just let out, so there was way more traffic than the norm.  One chick stopped in the middle of the road to complement me and watch the 'show.'  However, she was in the way of the wide shot that Mike was trying to get.  Too bad the camera ended up on the wrong setting.  I really had to tweek these to make them look okay.  Eh, there is always next time.  
The t-shirt I wore was given to me by my Dad when he went to see Pink Floyd in the mid '90s.  It reminds me of a time when oversized shirts were a staple for me.  Speaking of the '90s, my hat was a purchase made at Gadzooks back in the day, probably in about '96.  Ahh, the good old days :)
I have to brag on my scarflette.  I learned to knit a few years ago so I could make 'em.  So, I have quite a selection, but this little gold one is by far my favorite, with it's little wooden buttons.  It goes with everything. 

*hat- gadzooks
*tshirt- gift from Dad
*cardigan- ??
*leggings- walmart
*shoes- target
*scarf- hand knit

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