Thursday, February 4, 2010

..will make it happen..

I was going to post about how I couldn't find the creativity or motivation to do anything productive due to the house being in a state of chaos, but I think that is a total downer so nevermind.  Anyway after I typed it up yesterday and said I wouldn't get anything done I actually did get stuff done.  I guess sometimes all I need is to remind myself to make it happen, bit by bit.  
We had a beautiful snowy Saturday that I was able to get some good pictures of, and Monday I took some pictures of my daily wears.  I really love the pieces in this outfit.  My sweater was passed down to me from Mom, and I think it was my grandma's before her.  Yesterday I found a picture of my Mom wearing it.  Makes me wish I had a scanner.  The skirt was my grandma's on my Dad's side.  It was one of my first vintage acquisitions.  I found this tapestry purse out thrift shopping for my Mary Poppins Halloween costume.  It is really lovely and worked perfectly for Mary.  And, the shoes are my wedding shoes.

*shirt & skirt- family heirlooms
*purse- thrifted vintage
*tights- jcpenny
*shoes- worthington
*earrings- $ jewelry store


  1. Wow, I love this. Everything is perfect. That purse is cuuute. I really wish I had cute clothes to be passed on to me. My dad used to have an amazing leather jacket, but he sold it. I was kind of upset, but I don't think it would have ever fit my anyway. Oh, and my oldest sister used to have this vintage Harvard sweater, but it somehow ended up with my cousin and she won't give it back. *le sigh*

  2. The sweater is forth generation in our family!