Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..chatty neighbors..

I wanted to take this time to share with you some of the furry folks in my life.  A few weeks ago we noticed that there were some brave and cute squirrels frequenting our front porch.  Then one morning I saw a fluffy tail hanging down through a crack.  Apparently they had made a nice new little home in our front porch roof!  So, we are working on their kindly eviction, though if they don't leave I have a feeling they my be more forcefully persuaded.

 And here are our sweet little kids.  This is Buddy, he's our sweet old man.  He will be twelve this year!
 And this is Mogget, our cuddly chubby little one year old.
 They are both sweeties!


  1. OMG the squirrels are so cute !!! We have those around where bf & I live too and we also have wild rabbits ♥

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  2. Oh how this reminds me of the squirrel that ran into my house this winter, LOL

  3. Oh my, I can just imagine the chaos that followed! :)
    We have yard rabbits too, and I watched two young ones play leapfrog outside my kitchen the other day, so cute!!