Thursday, April 1, 2010

..happy birthday to me..

Wow! Hard to believe that I have been alive for 25 years :)  And, they have been  great years!    I usually don't do anything big on my birthday, but really that's how I like it.  I took the day off and had a really nice day the weather has been so perfect.  Mike and I slept in a bit, then we got up and went to meet my Dad for sandwiches,  yum.  We hung out for a while then Mike and I headed over to the antique mall.  I was kind of looking for some vintage horn rimmed glasses to turn into sunglasses, but I didn't find any.  Instead I found a really pretty spring necklace. We headed over to Mom's after that for dinner.  We had some super yummy fish tacos and blackberry cobbler.  We stayed and visited for a while.  It was getting late but we made one last stop by Mike's Dad's house to see his step brother, Chris and step sister, Catherine and nephew, Jack.  And, while we were there I was lucky enough to get to pick through Mike's stepMom Mary's vintage eyeglass collection.  She let me have a really awesome pair that seem like they will be suitable for adding new lenses!
Well I had two outfits picked out for today, but I didn't wear either.  I saw this skirt that my Grandma gave to my Mom to give me a few months ago, and decided that it would be perfect for today.
Mom's garden is already looking great.  The horses are Mom's neeighbors :)

*belt & skirt- vintage
*shoes- soda

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  1. happy belated birthday, you look beautiful!