Tuesday, March 30, 2010

..inherit goodness..

Spring is finally making its way and everywhere there is an emergence of color.  This is also happening in my wardrobe.  Not that I was evading color, but I do feel like being way brighter than my usual.  I have been wanting to wear this dress which is one of the ones my Granny made and wore. So, after several months of letting it hibernate in my closet, I was finally ready for a major dose of color.  I freaking love this one!  It is so pretty and comfy. 
If you haven't noticed, I am slowly building up my etsy shop!  I am trying to add new things every day so keep checking back, and if you have never explored the whole of Etsy  you really should.  It is full of tons of amazing things.  I actually got the earrings in this post from an etsy seller, SimplyDifferent.

*earrings- SimplyDifferent
*scarf & belt- handmade by me
*cardigan- old navy
*dress- vintage heirloom
* tights- walmart
*shoes- target

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