Monday, March 15, 2010

..une petite fille..

Ahh, how I once dreamed of traveling to the French countryside.  It is such a beautiful place, one that really feels old.  Of late, I would love to go practically anywhere in Europe, with a few exceptions.  I actually took some French in high school, though there is really little use for it in my region.  Not very practical but I like the language, even if I am not very good at it, or any other foriegn language for that matter.
It wasn't intentional, but after I took these photos I was getting a French vibe looking at them.  I made this skirt last summer.  It is a circle skirt, so it is really fun to spin in circles and not so good on a windy day, I had a few Marilyn moments :)
 From the top..
*earrings- local $jewelry shop
*crochet choker- gadzooks circa '97
*jade/aventurine necklace- ERMoriginals etsy shop
*rosary- gift
*cardigan & shirt- old navy
*belt- thrifted
*skirt- handmade by me!
*shoes & purse- target

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