Monday, March 1, 2010


It has been quite some time since I have been downtown.  I can't even remember the last time.  At least several months, crazy.  I had not realized that much time had passed.  Friday Mike was doing backup for Timm Tayshun at Hero's Bar, so downtown is where headed.  I was hoping that the weather would be nice, but alas it was oh so cold again.  The show went well.  Short but sweet, so to speak.  We are such old homebodies lately that we were glad to be heading home before 1.  
I love the old buildings in the area.  So we took advantage of some of them.

*blouse & purse- goodwill
*coat- tjmaxx
*cardigan and jeans- old navy
*scarf- vintage thrifted
*shoes- converse
*earrings & necklace- vintage gifts


  1. That blouse is a beauty. i've been really into vibrant colors lately.

  2. What type of music does your husband play? (I'm assuming that was your husband? haha. Sorry if I'm wrong.)

  3. Yep, he is, lucky me! He's the one with black button-down. I guess you could say he is a nerdy hiphop lyrical genius:) Right now he is working on a few musical projects. You can click on mic burns on my friends and he has some links to some of their stuff.

  4. Every moment can be a photo op. I love that you stopped to take these. Great setting, great outfit, great mood.