Friday, March 26, 2010 or not I like it..

The weather here is classically very, very unpredictable.  But, come on! This stuff is really over the top.  Here is last Thursday..
 I got to wear my new shoes!  I love these puppies, they are surprisingly comfortable.  They were more than I usually spend on shoes, but (yay!) I had a Dillards gift card so they only cost me $20! 
Shaping up to be a lovely spring, right?
Ummm,  think not. Winter was not quite finished with us yet.  It started snowing Saturday night which we all figured would soon melt away.
  I mean it was in the 70s two days ago.  The ground was totally warm.  However, that did not deter our little blizzard.  It kept on snowing all night and all day and it was really sticky, wet snow.  Perfect for building snowmen, and also perfect for breaking tree limbs and apparently chicken runs.  Our electric went out several times through the night and then stayed out early Sunday.  We have well water at our house which has an electric pump, so when we woke to a cold house and no water we were not very happy.  We went to the gym to shower then went to Cracker Barrel for some much needed comfort food. 
When we got back home we had to deal with the caved chicken run.
I was not thrilled to spend my day off shoveling poopy snow.
This picture really sums up my feelings for the day.  My back still hurts!
That was more snow than we have gotten here in years, too bad it was such bad timing.
Spring outfit
*head scarf & necklace- gifts
*shirt- kohl's
*skirt- handmade by me!
*shoes- antonio melani

Winter outfit
*hat- thrifted
*navy coat & jeans- old navy
*snow shoes- sketchers

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  1. Ah! That spring outfit is wonderful! I'm lovin' that skirt. Great job!