Thursday, April 29, 2010

..good 'ol red white and blue..

I wish these pictures would have been at a better exposure.  I love wearing this outfit.  It feels so classic and it has a kind of subtle sexiness that I feel comfortable wearing.  I have just recently decided to wear red, white, and blue together.  I really love the combo, but I feel so cliche in them sometimes, like if I wear green and red together, and I get told I look Christmas-y.  So annoying.  I will try for better lighting next time I wear it so everyone can see my patriotic duds :)
We will be leaving on vacation this Saturday, so my posting may get even more sparse, but I will try to take lots of pictures to share.  Mike and I are going to Ohio to visit some of his family that live up there, I am looking forward to it, but I will miss my cute kitty.
shirt, skirt, belt- vintage
tights- walmart
shoes- gianni bini


  1. I love the color combo. It makes me think nautical more than patriotic.

  2. yep, I love the nautical, too. I can see that a lot in the knots, nets, and stripes :)
    thanks ladies!