Friday, May 7, 2010

..sunny days in Ohio..

After the rainy weekend that wrecked havok on most of the middle of America, it was nice to see some sunshine.  Mike and I have been visiting his family in Ohio this week and though we are in small town central, we have been able to find some interesting things to do.  Tuesday, we went for a drive in search of one of the many Amish markets in the area.  The one we were in search of was one we had never been to, outside of a town called Bourneville.  Mike couldn't resist getting a picture with the horse and buggy that was pulling in with a cartload of traditionally dressed, straw hat and bonnet bearing kids.
After we picked up some goodies at the market, we stopped at the Seip Mound State Memorial and hiked around a bit.  There were a lot of lovely wild flowers in bloom and they had the pathways pleasantly mowed.  I was really nice!
Then the next day we took a little hike down the road to the creek, with Mike's childhood friend, Forrest.  We treked through the woods and found a couple of spots where the guys could try to catch some fish.  I just wondered around looking for photogenic flowers and rocks :)

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  1. What a lovely trip. Everything is so GREEN. Seriously, it all looks so gorgeous. Also, I probably would have wandered around shooting pictures rather than fishing too.