Monday, May 31, 2010 acres..

When I was editing these pics, I had the Green Acres theme song running through my head.  This weekend the field was being cut and baled, but it is still green and nice.  I haven't really watched the old sitcom very many times, but since the last time I have watched a handful of movies with Eddie Albert in them and I really like him.  For me, his character really made Roman Holiday. He gets best line for, "Hit him again Schmittie!"  Well, I may have to keep an eye out for reruns.
For today's outfit, we get the first run of a shirt I had been eyeing for quite some time.  I saw it in the fall on Urban Outfitters site and really liked it, and then a few weeks ago it popped up on their $5 sale.  I couldn't resist, and until today I hadn't found the cojones to sport it.  Something about being covered in sparkles is a bit daunting for me though I really like it.  So, I played things down a bit and all was well.  At least after the weird look that my husband gave me pertaining to my unusual sequinedness :)
Here is a little bit of pretty stuff.   I went down yesterday and cut some of the wildflowers.  The photo doesn't even do them justice.  And, we have some lovely Chamomile growing this year.

*hat &  jeans- target
*vest, belt, & shoes- thrifted
*tank- urban outfitters



  1. Amazing pics, so dreamy! Loving the outfit too :)

  2. haha... now I have the green acres theme song stuck in my head. Thanks for sharing. :P

  3. Hot damn, I love everything about this outfit!

  4. I just wanted to say I love your style, and your blog