Sunday, May 30, 2010

..a fair day..

In all my years of good intentions, I had never actually gone to the Renaissance Fair that is held in Muskogee, Oklahoma just an hour from where I live.  It is held every weekend in May and this year Memorial Day, too.  So, you still have two days left if you haven't made it yet!  Our friend Stinky Pinky had been talking about how much he wanted to go this year, being a weapons connoisseur and history buff.  Even though we have been relatively low on funds, we decided that
..the time had come to put on fancy garb, and travel not too very far, to watch and dance and laugh and eat and roam Castletown in the hot May heat.  We all had a very nice time!  Our friend Shawn was actually very reluctant to leave, he was asking for job applications.  I am already looking forward to next time we go!

 I theoretically learned how to milk a cow..

 Some armour was tested.
Some leg of turkey was enjoyed.
And some more lessons on belly dancing are probably needed.
 Amazing beautiful birds of prey.

we met Gandalf!
 The dress I wore is one that my Mom wore for Homecoming in '77.  It works perfectly as a medieval princess gown too.

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  1. Ahhh that owl! And Gandalf! Nerds paradise.

    That dress is so amazing. It's lucky your mom kept it around! That looks like tons of fun.