Monday, May 17, 2010

..last week's fun..

This week it was really difficult to get back to the routine.  We drove back from Ohio Sunday.  Fourteen hours in a car was definitely hard on the bum.  And after a week of having to get up at a decent hour to get back to work, I was having a hard time getting around to sifting through and editing all the photos we took on our trip. 
Today has actually been quite a productive day.  I caught up on some much needed sleep, then got up and took some outfit pics which will probably go up later on, then I worked out in the garden until the sun went down while intermittently chasing down my cat who desperately wants to catch himself a cute little bunny.
Well, I finally compiled some of the pictures we took one day when we went into Frankfort.  We went to the local Amish Market.  I love that place! Mike was picture happy.  We got some dry goods and snacks to take home, then Mike got some bacon cut from slab while I got us some made to order sandwiches. We drove downtown to the little park by the creek to eat and waste some time. When we made made our way back to the house we had to stop and look at the adorable tiny lambs. I can see why Lisa Simpson went vegetarian after she saw one. They were actually cute enough to make me squeal a little with glee :)
 I recommend the Mustard Pickled Eggs, Mmmm.
Above is some of Historic Frankfort
 Northfork Creek
So many sheep, makes me sleepy.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! :)
    & you look fantastic, as always.

  2. Thanks! I did enjoy it. I love having free time to roam.