Wednesday, May 19, 2010

..making rural waves..

This has got to be one of my favorite times of year. From the rolling thunderstorms to the gusty sunny days.  I really love when the field in front of our house is fully grown.  I absolutely love the bright and cheery wildflowers some of which I usually harvest for my kitchen table before they brush hog and bale.  I also love when the tall grass rolls like waves under the wind.  Ah, I am looking forward to tomorrow's sunshine already.  
Last Sunday I got to enjoy both the thunderstorms and sunshine, intermittenly. We had storms in the morning, sunshine all day then storms in the evening.  So, during the sunny time I got out and took some really lovely pics with some of the local wildlife or should I say tamelife.
I have had this vintage skirt for about a year now and this is actually the first time I have worn it.  I could never get the styling quite right to suit me. Then the other day this outfit just popped into my head and amazingly it actually worked in reality! I rarely get to wear my sunglasses, so I opted for contacts and donned my newish vintage sunnies.

*shirt- ?
*belt & skirt- thrifted vintage
*shoes- antonio melani
*sunglasses- urban outfitters vintage

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