Friday, December 18, 2009

Strange Fasinators Fasinating Me

This past June my husband and I went to Ohio to visit his family.  When we went to the park, the little girl in me had to pick some flowers for my hair.  I had a big green gingko leaf and a dogwood blossom tucked into my headband, so cute.  Anyway, it rekindled my love for nature inspired fasinators and headbands.  These are a few from etsy that I think are absolutely darling.
2Tara to the T
and here is a version of my own that I whipped together after our trip..


  1. I LOVE these type of headbands. I feel like they really complete an outfit, with very little effort! cute blog, I am happy to have stumbled upon it

  2. Thanks so much, I excited to have a follower (other than my husband)