Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring in the new!

I am so ready for a new year.  2010 has a promising beginning starting out with a trip to Red River, NM!  And, 2009 has been good, but as of late has been asking for a good boot out the door.
It is hard to believe that Y2K was a decade ago today.  I will be forever a 90's kid at heart, so it is kind of sad to have such a definitive gap between me and it. I suppose my love for that time is reflected in this outfit, so here is my ode to days gone by.

My husband and I made this Zelda shirt design.  It is really easy to do, so if you are a DIYer then here are some T-shirt fun tips...
 clean tee
 fabric paint
 paint brush
 freezer paper (w/ plastic backing)
 exacto knife
 piece of cardboard
 and maybe ruler and chalk

Draw or print your design onto the freezer paper.
  It is good to have a design that is fairly simple.
Cut the negative space from the paper (don't forget,only
  cut out the spots you are wanting to paint) and save any
  applicable interior pieces.
Put some cardboard into your shirt  to protect the back layer
  then measure and mark out w/ chalk where you want to put your design.
Place the main piece of paper on your shirt and press w/ iron
  repeat with any additional pieces.  Be careful not to stretch or pull the
  shirt while ironing.
Paint on 2 even layers then let dry.  I usually take the blow-dryer to
  it at this point until it is dry to the touch.
Carefully pull off the freezer paper and check for any
  needed touchups.
And finally, when it is totally dry cover with a clean piece of
  fabric and iron it for several minutes to set it.  Let it dry for
  a couple of days before washing.

Yay!!  now you have a new shirt to rock!
Next time I do this project I will take pics to post a good step by step.
Until then, here is a link that I found that is basically the same.

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