Sunday, July 11, 2010

..creative cucumbers..

If you've ever grown cucumber plants, then you know how hard it can be to find new and exciting ways to keep eating them.  They are actually nice to snack on with some dip or just salt and pepper. And, we make refrigerator pickles which takes a big chunk of them, but I have also been trying to add them into our meals in not so traditional ways.  I added them to a weird version of stir fried veggies and noodles that I make which wasn't too bad, though I think I have perfected that meal without them.  I plan on making a beef, shallot, and cucumber salad that I have been eyeing in my Thai cookbook.  But for tonight, I tried a recipe that comes up on page one if you Google 'cucumber recipe'  and is called Spago Cucumber Salad.
  The recipe (found here) is actually pretty much the same as Wakame seaweed salad,
  which I absolutely love,however I found that it called for a lot more vinegar than I think is necessary.  Even half the amount would be more than enough in my opinion, but to each their own.  It actually turned out pretty yummy, and now I am inspired to make my own seaweed salad next time I can make it by the local asian market to buy some Makame!

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  1. Yum! It's true cumbers are a bit hard to be creative with...but this helps...try cucumber won-tons!