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A very long time ago(December 31, 2009 to be exact) I posted an outfit with a shirt on which I had hand painted the Zelda eagle/triforce symbol.  I wrote down the diy instructions and promised a step by step post with pictures the next time I printed something.  Well, here it is! The antiscipation is finally over.  The other day I made some custom designs and put them on some onsies for my friend, Amanda, who is having a baby next month.  They turned out so cute, and I can't wait for little Emily Jo to get here so she can try them on.
 clean tee or other garment
 fabric paint (I don't recommend puff paint for this project)
 paint brushes
 freezer paper (w/ plastic backing)
 exacto knife
 piece of cardboard
 extra clean scrap fabric
 and maybe ruler, chalk, and tape
 1. First you need to get your design onto the freezer paper.  I have used multiple methods to do this and they all work fine. You can draw it directly on, trace it through, or print from your computer.
2. Then tape down your design and cut out the areas that you will be painting. I taped mine to the back of a sketchbook cover. *Be careful to save any interior pieces such as the inner part of the letter 'e' in the design below*
 3. Next you need to get your design aligned where you want it. This is where chalk and a ruler can really come in handy.
 4. Iron the freezer paper without sliding so you don't catch any of your edges, and make sure not to pull or stretch the garment while ironing. Check to make sure than the paper has adhered well to your garment. *Don't forget to put down those inner pieces and press them into place also*
 5. Okay, now you need to put a piece of cardboard in between the layers of fabric so the paint won't leech through, and you can get to painting.  Get a good, solid layer of paint down, but try not to get it too thick, which can make it too stiff. 
 6. Now it is time to be patient. Let the paint dry thoroughly.  Check your paint instructions for the recommended drying time. Sometimes I use a blow-dryer to help speed this process along. 
7. After the paint is totally dry, carefully peel off the freezer paper.
8. The last step is to set it.  Get a piece of clean scrap fabric, put it across the top of your design, and go over it repeatedly with the hot iron for a few minutes.
 Yay!! You are ready to rock your new cool design.  A few tips that I recommend are to wait a couple of days before washing to make sure that everything has totally set and to always turn the garment inside out when you wash it for added longevity.

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