Sunday, July 11, 2010 today, gone yesterday..

 Okay, so for a while now I have been thinking about doing a post that shows how short I had my hair a few years back. I think it was about three years ago that I started letting it be long again because I wanted it to be longer for my wedding day (which I also need to do a post about sometime in the future), and I had it short for a couple-a years.  It grows so fast that I can barely keep up with the maintenance when it is short, but during these hot summer months it sure is tempting to hack it off again.  Unfortunately, there aren't very many pictures of me from this time frame, at least not many good ones, but here are a few that I was able to track down.
 Above, we were in Ohio for Mike's 10 year reunion, which was '06, not long after the initial cut.  
And, down town Fort Smith in the picture below.

 And these pics are at my Grandparents' house when my Great Aunt Lukie and my cousin Teresa were visiting from California. They are the ones sitting on either side of me and Granny and Papa are on the right of the one above.  My Granny is who a lot of my really amazing vintage clothes are from.


  1. u look cute in short hair,,but don't cut off!!
    keep it long..
    i like long hair,,


  2. Thanks, I threaten, but I will probably only make it to bob length, anyway, I love long hair too! :)