Tuesday, July 6, 2010

..good ol' U S of A..

Today, we had an extended celebration of Independence Day.  We didn't actively celebrate last night other than sitting out in the yard watching everyone else around us shoot off their fireworks.  So, today we went to my Grandparents' along with a bunch of the rest of my Dad's family.  We swam a bit, I shot our shotgun and my Granddad's handgun for the first time.  I like to think of it as zombie practice.  It was actually kind of fun and I found that I preferred the rifle, it was not as loud and I liked that I only had one shot at a time.  It is definately nerve racking to have a loaded gun in your possesion, yet I am glad to have the experience.  Later on we continued our family tradition of blowing stuff up, and then we cooked hotdogs and brats, Yum!  I also made another carrot cake, which went over really well!
My cousins Jon, Jessica, and Allen getting together our fireworks while I have target practice :)

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  1. such a great time,we are so fortunate to have everyone in the family so alive and well, so many families don't.we are so complete and healthy right now,we need to constantly realize this and not take it for granted,it could change in a blink...you make me proud aja,with your wonderful creativity...you are truly beautiful.. love you.