Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Trip to Taos

After a long week of enjoying Red River, we were ready for a little change of scenery, or at least a different view of the scenery around us.  Taos, NM is only about 30 minutes south of Red River, so we decided that a day trip would be fun.
We drove down to the Gorge Bridge that goes over the Rio Grande Canyon. It was stunning and amazingly cold, and we checked out the local cuisine at a little cafe called The Bean, and yum, I recommend it if you are ever in need of a bite while in Taos.

After a lovely day, we met back at the cabin and headed out to go evening snowmobiling up the mountain.  Brrr, it was cold, but the view at the top was awe inspiring though it was to dark to get good pics of it.  We did have a lot of fun.

We thawed out a bit after our ride and made for the bar to make the most of our last night.  I played table shuffle board for the 1st time, and hey I'm not too bad!  Sad that the night had to end, but I was so ready the hit the sack.

Good Night for the last time Red River.

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