Tuesday, January 19, 2010

..Luise Rainer..

I just watched this crazy movie called "Die!, Die!, My Darling" that we had recorded on our DVR for a while.  It wasn't too bad if you like thrillers and the 60's and crazy people.  It did hold my interest pretty well. Anyway, as I was fast forwarding through the promo clips for TCM at the end of the recording I caught a glimpse of a woman that caught my eye.  I stopped and went back a bit(gotta love DVR) and found a gem, named Luise Rainer!

I have never heard of Luise Rainer before now, but I am totally intrigued.  She just celebrated her 100th birthday on the 12th of this month, that alone is worthy of note. Imagine the things she has seen and lived through, amazing. She had a brief but very successful career on the silver screen, winning multiple academy awards for her acting.  Her most praised movies are "The Great Zeigfield" and "The Good Earth." I have never seen any of her films, but I have started my search. She is absolutely beautiful!


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  1. She is adorable! In fact I think you and her look alike!