Sunday, January 24, 2010

..rust revamped..

My husband Mike was bored and stumbling through science and art web pages the other night.  That was kind of fun.  I found a science project that I want to do, where you make a liquid mixture that turns to perfect spheres when you pick it up in your hand, WOW!  Yes I am easily amazed.  Anyway, he also found a really cool page for artist  
She is mega-talented.  Her medium is mostly metal, but there are some variations.  I was immediately in love with her work.  Her creations bring to mind lace and doilies but on oil drums, wheel barrels, and car parts to name a few.  I really liked her rusty metal prints, too.  Her site is definitely worth a gander.  Here are a few pictures from her site, but I will let you discover the rest for yourselves.  

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