Saturday, January 16, 2010

..there's no place like home..

 On the few days that my husband and I have off together, it is rare that the weather is so beautiful!  After the unusually cold temperatures of late, it is hard to believe how wonderful 50 degrees can feel.  
So, yes, as you can see we live on a farm.  Though it's currently not functional in the way of making money, we do still have some laying hens and usually a small garden.  This past spring we took on a hive of honey bees, which has been a really cool process.  We haven't gotten any honey yet because we need to get them well established before we disrupt their supply.  I can't wait!  

After we spent some time with the chickies and bees, we went into town for lunch and drove down to Fort Smith Park for a walkabout before the sun went down.  It is kind of sad that this park has such a bad rep because it really is quite nice.  I actually came here for some of my senior pictures way back then.  The bottom pic is actually sort of an ode to one of those senior pictures.  I was pleasantly surprised at all of the good photo opportunities there too.  I am sure that this park will be showing up in a lot more posts in the future. 

*hat and blazer- vintage
*shirt and belt- thrifted
*slip dress and tights- walmart
*boots- harley davidson
*bracelet- claire's
*earrings- gift from Mom :)


  1. Oh my gosh you live on a farm??!!!! Im so jealous!

    You are adorable by the way!