Sunday, January 17, 2010

..the menswear fallback..

I had a really cute outfit picked out to wear with a pair of shorts that I got a while back from J. Crew, but when I was actually getting dressed I felt like being comfy and warm instead.  I do love me some menswear.  Actually, the shirt is more like boyswear.  I had to spice it up a bit, so I grabbed a clip-on bow tie that I've been threatening to wear for a while.  Works for me!
Went to the grocery store, then Mike took us out to China Jade for some spicy beancurd(yum!) Then we went to buy wood stain for our new kitchen cabinets.  Our kitchen is getting closer to being finished, and I am oh so ready.  I can't wait to get the house back in order.  Hopefully that will happen soon so I can get things organized to start selling on etsy.

This outfit makes me think of Mia Farrow.  I never really think about it, but my style comfort zone is very similar to hers.  I can understand why she dresses the way she does.

*shirt, vest, bowtie- thrifted
*jacket- duck head jean co.
*jeans- rue21
*shoes- soda
*watch- pier 1 imports

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